Group Introduction

From humble beginnings in 1970, B.S.C. has grown and morphed into a multi-dimensional and far reaching corporation it is today, encompassing Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau as well as America and Asia Pacific.  Founded in Hong Kong by chairman William Lau, The B.S.C. Group has grown from strength to strength in the past four decades and has gained an impeccable reputation for its dedication to quality and innovation. Its wealth of experience and accomplishments enable the designers to turn the design dreams into reality and also provided principals with continues growth.

As our company grows, so does our mission to better serve our customers. Our new mandate is Enriching Human Space.

As a lifestyle driven company, we are all about creating the most captivating spaces for people to enjoy a highly individualized way of life.   We achieve our goals by providing the most comprehensive and holistic platform for the world’s most desirable, innovative and advanced building materials and products.   We have helped to craft some of Hong Kong and Macau’s most iconic and prestigious projects. And we believe in a culture of excellence shared by every member at The B.S.C. Group.

We feel that our philosophy for Enriching Human Space has three pillars.

First, we provide a holistic platform. We have long been the city’s largest single platform for products and services when it comes to renovating, furnishing and decorating every aspect of a property. We have consistently developed our expertise in hospitality, residential, commercial and entertainment projects to enrich spaces that touch everyone across many major property sectors. And whether we are fitting out a cruise liner, a hotel or a private home, we design customized and refined solutions to suit the unique requirements and aspirations of our customers.

Our second pillar is that we are highly connected. We are actively involved in the local design community and we share our customers’ excitement as they embark on major design challenges. We try to be the industry’s respected barometer for our industry’s business development across Asia. And we don’t believe in standing still: we are constantly reinventing ourselves to better engage our clients and customers.

Our third and final pillar is that we promote a culture of excellence. We have 45 outstanding years being the best at what we do. We have won numerous awards and have an enviable reputation in the industry. We instill pride and enrichment in our people with continued training, sharing sessions, exposure to new experiences and exciting career paths. And we invest in a process of technological improvements to make The B.S.C. Group a more effective and efficient company for the future


People are the backbone of B.S.C. and at its core lies a dedicated management team and a workforce of some 1,000 employees and workers. With a culture of care and respect, B.S.C. strive to be the choice of employer, the Group believes that only when there is work hard, work smart team can there be quality of service without compromise.  With a customer-focused mission, B.S.C. believes in anticipating the customer's needs, exceeding the customer's expectations and helping the customer to succeed.   B.S.C.'s staff are trained to be customer focus and go beyond the call of duty – they innovate and continuously strive to raise their own professional standards.  TODAY, THE VALUE IS PEOPLE.

Design Shaping

B.S.C.'s Building Materials, Contracting and Hotel Supplies Divisions have become the total solution provider to Property Developers, Hoteliers, Architects, Interior Designers and Building Contractors in helping them bring their design visions to reality.  B.S.C.'s Building Materials and Hotel Supplies Divisions are well versed with everything from finishing building materials to kitchen and bath products and hotel supplies. In addition to the supply of proprietary products from world-renowned brands in the industry, B.S.C.'s customer-orientated services range from product development to OEM manufacturing, procurement, sourcing and kitchen and bath concept design.

B.S.C.'s interior fitting-out services are supported by a 15,000-square-metre wood work and metal work pre-fabrication plant in Panyu, Guangzhou. Equipped with Japanese know-how and state-of-the-art machinery and processing line, B.S.C.'s Contracting Division is capable of fitting out four five-star hotels simultaneously.  With its long established reputation of excellence and its ability to provide project customers with technical support and solutions, B.S.C. has become the synonym within the industry as the best of its kind with an impeccable reputation as a trustworthy, professional and innovative partner.   Well represented all over China and the Hong Kong and Macau SARs, B.S.C.'s Project Divisions have regional sales and project management offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Guangzhou.

Retail Therapy


A distinctive concept lifestyle store in the heart of Hong Kong, colourliving brings together meticulously selected European home furniture and fittings with the best in lifestyle products. We are situated in the soul of Hong Kong, with 20,000 square feet over three levels that are constantly evolving to bring you the latest handpicked collectible or must-have treasure, transforming spaces into distinctive homes. Our team of professionals in design and styling can assist you, transforming your plans into three dimensional reality. Stop by for a look at our latest collection or just to say hello. And rediscover sensory delights to ignite the imagination.


RocaConcepts, flagship store of Roca in Hong Kong, is designed in the light of the green belief "Roca Loves the Planet".   RocaConcepts exhibits itself as an interactive gallery showcasing a comprehensive range of innovative and environmental friendly tiling, kitchen and bath products in an organic, all-white interior.


Far Reaching  

Capitalising on the Group's accumulated wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of Eastern business culture and Western technology, an important aspect adding to B.S.C.'s synergy is its manufacturing, sourcing, procurement and assembly capabilities in the Asia Pacific region.  As a Global Supply Chain partner of the hospitality industry as well as world leading manufacturers and retailers of building materials and kitchen and bath products, B.S.C.'s Export Division has established an international network of customer servicing representatives in attending to its export customers' needs.  In addition to the Group's manufacturing capabilities in glass mosaics, wood work and metal work, B.S.C. is also well connected with top OEM manufacturers in Asia Pacific and has a professional team of quality assurance engineers, quality controllers, merchandisers, designers and logistics planners who all work together to guarantee a smooth and efficient flow.